Start living motherhood on your own terms.


Overwhelm, exhaustion and depletion are so prevalent for modern day moms that they are seen as almost normal. But let’s be clear. Although this may be common, neither struggling nor drained moms are normal.

This mini journal is just the thing to begin your journey out of burnout.

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By getting crystal clear on what is holding you back from fully enjoying and embracing motherhood in your own way, you can begin to release from these.

In this mini journal, you will identify your unique reasons for struggling with exhaustion, overwhelm, guilt or burnout. Then you will be guided in letting these go and taking effective action to create a future that makes it easier for you to thrive.

Release, Mama Mini Journal

Every moment you have a choice. Will your choice move you closer to being the mama you know you can be or further away from it?

Hi, Im Dr Hilary Claire

Clinical Psychologist

Hi lovely mama! I’m Dr Hilary Claire, a clinical psychologist specializing in nutritional and environmental medicine, a yoga teacher and a mama to two little boys.

I know how to help you move out of exhaustion, depletion and overwhelm not only because of my professional training as a psychologist, but because I too have lived the ups and downs of early motherhood. I know postnatal depletion, overwhelm and burnout firsthand. I know what you are going through - even though our journeys are unique and we all have different challenges.

We live in a world that makes motherhood so much harder than it needs to be for us mamas. We often struggle to prioritize ourselves and our needs as we focus on meeting our little ones’ needs. We can easily end up burning out. This is why I work with moms to help them build healthier, happier and calmer families, as well as reconnect with their true selves. I want to support you to thrive in motherhood – not just survive.

I hold a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, have completed several post graduate courses in nutrition, environmental medicine, and functional medicine, and have focused my career, both in therapy and research, on helping parents and kids improve their health, happiness and resilience.

I help moms thrive in their many roles by showing them how to implement simple therapeutic-based and research-backed strategies to be holistically healthy and incorporate selfcare into their daily lives – an essential foundation of thriving.

I’m here to guide you to achieve a happier and healthier life by first taking care of your wellbeing – an important stepping stone to better family health and your long-term health and happiness.

Being a mama can be challenging. Get the support you need and deserve!

I’d love to help you become a thriving mama.

xx Dr Hilary Claire

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Say goodbye to exhaustion, overwhelm and just surviving motherhood and start living motherhood on your own terms.

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