Become a Vibrant Mama & Start Thriving in Motherhood!

(Even if you’re tired, stressed and time-poor)



Are you feeling totally burnt out and exhausted by the demands of motherhood?

Are you questioning yourself, wondering, Why is this so hard for me and not for other moms?”

Would you love to feel like you can share the mental load of motherhood…without the guilt?

Feel energized and enjoy motherhood

You want to be the best mama you can be


You feel you’ve lost yourself in motherhood…

You see other mama’s doing it all with so much ease…you wonder “What’s “wrong” with me” “Shouldn’t this be easier?”

You want to have the energy to do “all the things” but you feel exhausted all the time.

You’re dragging yourself through each day…hoping tomorrow you will feel different…but you never do.

You know you need time out for yourself, but that just makes you feel guilty.

I hear you mama…I used to feel that way too

Stop surviving and start thriving

You have always been such a high achiever, passionate about doing a great job…

But parenting is the hardest job you’ve ever had, and you often feel like you’re falling short.

You miss excelling in your career like you used to and feeling on top of things.

If you’re honest…there are days you miss the old you and your old life.

You love your kids more than anything and want to be an amazing mum, but right now you feel like you can’t cope.

I hear you. That was how I felt too before I learnt how to be a thriving mama. Even as a clinical psychologist who worked with countless families, I found the transition to motherhood challenging.

You’re not alone.  

The struggle is real… but it doesn’t have to be so hard

Did you know that 1 in 5 modern-day mamas are struggling…reporting feeling anxious, depressed and lonely and 50% struggling with chronic fatigue?

Shocking, isn’t it!

Feeling you can’t take time out for yourself, feeling guilty when you do and constantly running on empty and questioning yourself stops you from being the energized mama you want to be. 

We are all feeling this because society expects us to be supermoms (they don’t exist) and there isn’t that support network around us that we need to thrive and feel less isolated.

When you don’t make yourself a priority and don’t invest in your own wellness:

• You can’t thrive as a person, let alone a mama

• You can go on to develop serious stress-related health conditions

• You don’t feel fulfilled or happy in your life or as a mama (you may even begin to feel resentful)

You deserve more than that!

Many mamas think that taking care of their own wellbeing is a “luxury”… but actually, it’s essential for thriving!

Leave mama guilt behind

Welcome To The Motherhood Reset

In this 6-week program you will:

Understand why you feel exhausted, depleted and overwhelmed, so you can stop feeling so tired and second-guessing yourself, which means less stress, more contentment and renewed energy.

Discover powerful, easy-to-implement, life-changing habits, that will allow you to be the calm, confident and present mother you truly desire, which means you can let go of the expectations and mama guilt once and for all and start thriving.

Develop your own unique Thriving Mama Roadmap with the exact steps you need to thrive, so you know what you need to support your long-term health and happiness, which means you can move past exhaustion and burnout and feel fabulous about your life and being a mama.

So much more is possible in motherhood than we’re taught to believe!

This course is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Be heard, validated and understood in your motherhood struggles
  • Be empowered by new habits and ways of thinking in your life
  • Feel happier as a mama
  • Confidently know what you need and how to ask for it
  • Create more calm and joy in your household

What's included inside The Motherhood Reset:

All the guidance, support and skills you need…

  • 6 Pillars broken down into several bite-sized videos 
  • Digital copy of the book, The Motherhood Reset
  • Digital copy of The Motherhood Reset Handbook
  • The Motherhood Reset Audio Meditations

Take a closer look…

Each week you will get access to a new pillar. These include video trainings, guided meditations and simple action steps to move you from exhausted to energized.

Pillar 1: Stuck

-Discover what is keeping modern day moms stuck in the struggle
- Uncover what is holding you back in your motherhood journey
- Learn to let go of beliefs and obstacles that are not serving you to be your highest self
- Begin your journey out of exhaustion and overwhelm

Pillar 2: Imagine

-Audit your survival habits and start swapping these for thriving habits
- Uncover what your version of a vibrant mama is
- Determine what a thriving day-to-day life looks like to you
- Establish your emergency go-to reset for those times when overwhelm starts creeping back in

Pillar 3: Prioritize

-Uncover your own reasons why prioritizing yourself is essential
- Begin letting go of mom guilt and start taking true care of yourself
- Create a more supportive and intimate relationship with your partner
- Audit your schedule and begin living your life more aligned with what is most important to you

Pillar 4: Confidence

-Find sustained motivation by clarifying why you want to thrive
- Discover your unique guiding principles
- Create your own anchor statement and use this to start acting like the vibrant mama you want to be

Pillar 5: Connection

-Get to know your emotions and unmet needs on a deeper level
- Start meeting your own needs more often with doable strategies
- Learn healthy and simple ways of accessing the support that all mamas need to thrive

Pillar 6: Thrive

-Make decisions that move you toward the life you desire
- Build habits that support you to flourish
- Start embodying your version of a vibrant mama

Plus, you’ll also get: Access to the private The Motherhood Reset Facebook group, lifetime access to the program materials and the option to upgrade by adding 1:1 sessions for a discounted rate

Hi, I’m Dr. Hilary Claire

Hi lovely mama! I’m Dr Hilary Claire: a clinical psychologist specializing in nutritional and environmental medicine, a yoga teacher and a vibrant mama to two little boys.

I know how to help you move out of exhaustion, depletion and overwhelm not only because of my professional training as a psychologist, but because years ago I lived that experience as a first-time mom too…I know what you are going through.

We live in a world that makes motherhood so much harder than it needs to be for us mamas. We often struggle to prioritize our needs and end up burnt out.

I work with moms to help them build healthier, happier and calmer families, as well as reconnect with their true selves. I hold a PhD in Clinical Psychology, have completed several post-graduate courses in nutritional and environmental medicine and functional medicine.

I now help mamas to thrive in their many roles by showing them how to implement simple therapeutic-based and research-backed strategies to be holistically healthy and how to incorporate self-care into their daily lives, an essential foundation of thriving.

I’m here to guide you to achieve a happier and healthier life by taking care of your well-being first – an important stepping stone to better family health and your long-term, health and happiness.

Being a mama can be hard, get the support you need and deserve!

I’d love to help you become a thriving mama.

Find true, lasting joy as a vibrant mama!

Put yourself first is essential for your happiness and health, as well as your family’s.

Are you ready to move from surviving to thriving as a mama?

Are you ready to experience more calm and confidence in motherhood?

I can’t wait to go on this journey with you and help you find happiness, health and vitality in motherhood!

xx Dr Hilary Claire


Find true, lasting joy as a vibrant mama!

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I can’t wait to go on this journey with you and help you find happiness, health and vitality in motherhood!

xx Dr Hilary Claire