Are you ready to say goodbye to exhaustion, overwhelm and just surviving motherhood and start thriving instead?


The Motherhood Reset: A Clinical Psychologist's Guide to Finding Calm, Confidence & Contentment in Motherhood will help you do just that.


When you are thriving, there is suddenly so much more love, joy and ease in motherhood, relationships and life overall. Clarity is the essential first step toward this.

The Motherhood Reset: A Clinical Psychologist’s Guide to Finding Calm, Contentment and Confidence in Motherhood

Before becoming a mom, Dr Hilary Claire thought she had it all sorted out. After all, she was an experienced clinical psychologist with years of working therapeutically with parents and kids under her belt. Surely caring for her own baby was going to be a breeze, right?

Then her son arrived and with him, the realization that modern day motherhood was like navigating an entirely new world, littered with toxic expectations, nutritional challenges and chronic exhaustion that nobody really talks about.

She found herself struggling to get through each day, spiralling deeper into depletion as the months flew by. Until she decided that simply surviving motherhood was not the quality of life she wanted for herself, her children or her family. She decided to unlock her own inner vibrant mama and start thriving in motherhood.

Using her own lived experience, the latest research and her training as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Hilary Claire built a sustainable framework to support other moms in moving out of the exhaustion and overwhelm that has been deemed ‘normal’ by modern day society.

Through The Motherhood Reset, she guides you in creating your own version of a vibrant mama so you can lead a calm, content and confident life as you move further into the ever-changing terrain of motherhood.

By uncovering some of the leading reasons for burnout in moms in this book, you will understand what you must focus on to show up as the best version of yourself. More importantly, you will learn how to live that best version of yourself every day amid all the playdates, tantrums, work schedules, and chores that are part of raising little ones.

This book is a fresh, uplifting go-to text for new and experienced moms alike. Steeped in anecdotal storytelling, cutting-edge research and tried and true therapeutic techniques, this book is the key for happier, healthier and more confident mamas everywhere.

Do you feel tired, depleted, guilty, moody, frazzled, on edge, confused easily, indecisive, and like you are just surviving these years of motherhood?

Are you always putting your little ones first and neglecting your own wellbeing?

Do you feel like you will never have a goodnight’s sleep again?

Do you find you are never managing to live up to the expectations you set for yourself?

Are you scrolling social media mindlessly when you finally have five minutes to yourself?

Are you trying to do everything for your kids, manage the household and work?

Are you becoming snappy and impatient with others?

Are you putting on a brave face when with others but inside feel like you aren’t quite coping?

Do you feel like you are stuck in a Groundhog Day vortex of diapers, cleaning, cuddles and cries (yours and your kids)?

Do you just crave a bit of support in your motherhood journey?

Do you have thoughts like, ‘I should feel happy and grateful for the family and opportunities I have but I am just struggling’, ‘This isn’t what I wanted my life to be like or what I pictured being a mom was going to be like’, ‘I am not a good enough mom?’

Do you wonder if you are the only one finding motherhood so hard?

Is this you? Were you nodding along to some of these questions? I get it. I was there and still have moments like this.

Don’t get me wrong, mothering is never going to be super easy but by getting clear on what is most important to you, prioritizing yourself, letting go of the unnecessary that is pulling you down, and accessing the right supports, you can make it a whole lot easier. And when you are thriving, you are able to show up as a better mother to your little ones with a whole lot more ease and grace.

Together we can make calm, vibrant and thriving moms the new norm! Are you ready to dive into this journey out of burnout and into vibrancy? I am here to hold your hand and walk alongside you as you move toward the mom you truly want to be. Shall we begin?


Prioritizing your health and happiness is the greatest gift you can give your children.

What people are saying

Absolutely without a doubt one of the most impactful books I’ve ever read."





The Motherhood Reset is a must read for all new mums. I wish I’d had a copy after I had my son. Dr Rowsell’s book is full of so much wisdom, honesty and practical advice. It’s a great go-to guide to help you navigate motherhood with more ease, self-compassion and purpose. 

I would highly recommend this book to any mum who wants to shake off mum guilt, prioritise themselves alongside caring for their families, and move forward with confidence in their motherhood journey."

Jess L


Jess L


I feel like a better person whenever I read your books.”

Laura B


Laura B


This book has taught me that I am not alone, and that burnout is common and I was suffering from it and did not even know it. It taught me that in order to be the best mom, I need to put me first, not my kids.”

Patty H


Patty H


A must have book for every new mother, for every person for that matter.”

Lin R


Lin R


What will you gain from The Motherhood Reset?

Start embodying your version of a vibrant mama and create the life that ensures you thrive. The Motherhood Reset will help you bring this into your reality. By reading this book and putting the information into action, you will:


-Gain greater satisfaction and happiness in your daily life

-Reserve your energy for what matters most to you

-Start embodying your version of a vibrant mama and living motherhood on your own terms

-Release mom guilt and start taking care of yourself alongside taking care of your little ones

-Let go of the battles with your partner and start enjoying each other’s company again 

-Cultivate more calm in your household

-Make decisions that support you to thrive

-Gain more confidence in your parenting choices

-Begin living your day-to-day life more aligned with what is most important to you

You shape your outer reality when you gain clarity on your inner world and intentionally make choices from this place. 

Hi, Im Dr Hilary Claire

Clinical Psychologist

Hi lovely mama! I’m Dr Hilary Claire, a clinical psychologist specializing in nutritional and environmental medicine, a yoga teacher and a mama to two little boys.

I know how to help you move out of exhaustion, depletion and overwhelm not only because of my professional training as a psychologist, but because I too have lived the ups and downs of early motherhood. I know postnatal depletion, overwhelm and burnout firsthand. I know what you are going through - even though our journeys are unique and we all have different challenges.

We live in a world that makes motherhood so much harder than it needs to be for us mamas. We often struggle to prioritize ourselves and our needs as we focus on meeting our little ones’ needs. We can easily end up burning out. This is why I work with moms to help them build healthier, happier and calmer families, as well as reconnect with their true selves. I want to support you to thrive in motherhood – not just survive.

I hold a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, have completed several post graduate courses in nutrition, environmental medicine, and functional medicine, and have focused my career, both in therapy and research, on helping parents and kids improve their health, happiness and resilience.

I help moms thrive in their many roles by showing them how to implement simple therapeutic-based and research-backed strategies to be holistically healthy and incorporate selfcare into their daily lives – an essential foundation of thriving.

I’m here to guide you to achieve a happier and healthier life by first taking care of your wellbeing – an important stepping stone to better family health and your long-term health and happiness.

Being a mama can be challenging. Get the support you need and deserve!

I’d love to help you become a thriving mama.

xx Dr Hilary Claire

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Say goodbye to exhaustion, overwhelm and just surviving motherhood and start thriving instead

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