Do you want to feel energized and enjoy motherhood more?

Overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout are so prevalent for modern-day moms that they are seen as almost normal. But let’s be clear. Although this may be common, neither struggling nor drained moms are normal.

Let’s change our realities and change the narrative.  You can thrive in motherhood!

The Motherhood Reset Journal is your guide to do just that.

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Start living motherhood on your own terms.

What will you gain from The Motherhood Reset Journal?

For just $22, start embodying your version of a vibrant mama and actively create a life that enables you to thrive in motherhood. This 84-page workbook is your guide to do just that.

By working through this journal, you will:

Gain more ease in your parenting choices

Get crystal clear on your unique reasons for struggling with exhaustion, overwhelm, guilt or burnout and work through strategies to overcome these

Uncover what your version of a vibrant mama is and what you need in your daily life to thrive

Let go of mom guilt and start taking true care of yourself

Become a strong team with your partner and start enjoying each other’s company even more (or once again!)

Begin living your day-to-day life more aligned with what is most important to you

Cultivating more internal calm while also becoming a role model for healthy emotional regulation for your kids

Start getting your own needs met alongside those of your children

Make decisions that support you to thrive

Start embodying your version of a vibrant mama through every decision you make and habit you create

Every moment you have a choice.

Will your choice move you closer to being the calm, happy and confident mom you want to be?

Small decisions add up to big changes

Life is made up of small daily decisions.
Tiny choices become habits.
And our habits create our days.
Our choices ultimately shape the people we become, the lives we live and the impact we have on our families and the broader community.

In each moment, you can choose how you want to act, what you want to focus on and how you want to spend your time. This manual is here to support you in making tiny intentional choices and positive microshifts. So, before you know it, you will have let go of the overwhelm and created a life that energizes you. It will become second nature to show up as the attuned, present and joyful mama you want to be.


With clarity comes confidence in yourself as a mama, in your parenting choices and the direction you are moving in your life.

How to use this guide

Work your way through this journal, completing the activities as they come up in sequential order. You can either print this guide or complete the activities on a digital copy.


Once you have gone through the entire manual, it is helpful to go back over various exercises within it to strengthen your new skills, solidify new habits and start applying your newfound clarity in your daily life.


At the end of the manual, there is the Vibrant Mama Roadmap. Keep this somewhere you can access easily. Refer to it often in the early days and weeks of implementing the material in this manual. This is the culmination of your work throughout the entire handbook. It is your quick reference to guide your choices and actions as you go about your day to move you closer to being that energized, content and self-assured mom you know you can be.


You can use this manual alongside my online program, The Motherhood Reset. But if you are time-poor, simply going through this manual on your own will nudge you closer and closer to being the vibrant mama you want to be with every new insight and activity.


The manual is also a great companion to my book series, Vibrant Mamas. In particular, working through this manual in conjunction with reading the first book in the series, The Motherhood Reset, will reinforce the skills and habits to get you thriving even sooner.

Yes! Let’s do this

Putting yourself at the top of your priority list is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your family and future mamas.

Hi, I’m Dr. Hilary Claire

Clinical Psychologist

Hi lovely mama! I’m Dr Hilary Claire: a clinical psychologist specializing in nutritional and environmental medicine, a yoga teacher and a vibrant mama to two little boys.

I know how to help you move out of exhaustion, depletion and overwhelm not only because of my professional training as a psychologist, but because I too have lived the ups and downs of early motherhood. I know postnatal depletion, overwhelm and burnout firsthand. I know what you are going through - even though our journeys are unique and we all have different challenges.

We live in a world that makes motherhood so much harder than it needs to be for us mamas. We often struggle to prioritize ourselves and our needs as we focus on meeting our little ones’ needs. We can easily end up burning out. This is why I work with moms to help them build healthier, happier and calmer families, as well as reconnect with their true selves. I want to support you to thrive in motherhood – not just survive.

I hold a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, have completed several post-graduate courses in nutrition, environmental medicine, and functional medicine, and have focused my career, both in therapy and research, on helping parents and kids improve their health, happiness and resilience.

I help moms thrive in their many roles by showing them how to implement simple therapeutic-based and research-backed strategies to be holistically healthy and incorporate self-care into their daily lives – an essential foundation of thriving.

I’m here to guide you to achieve a happier and healthier life by first taking care of your wellbeing – an important stepping stone to better family health and your long-term health and happiness.

Being a mama can be challenging. Get the support you need and deserve!

I’d love to help you become a thriving mama.

xx Dr Hilary Claire

You have the power to shape your life by the choices you make. What you base your choices on creates the life you live one decision at a time.

What life are your choices creating for you?

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Find true, lasting joy as a vibrant mama!

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I can’t wait to go on this journey with you and help you find happiness, health and vitality in motherhood!

xx Dr Hilary Claire