Are you ready to say goodbye to exhaustion, overwhelm and just surviving motherhood and start thriving instead?


The Motherhood Reset: A Clinical Psychologist's Guide to Finding Calm, Confidence & Contentment in Motherhood will help you do just that.


My mission is to nurture healthy brain development in little ones, support kids so they thrive, help moms to be vibrant and encourage a happier planet. The key to this mission lies in working directly with those who are raising the future —   moms!

Through my practical free resources, upcoming books and online courses I help moms gain the tools, confidence and energy to do their best for their children’s health without burning out.


We all want happy, well adjusted, resilient kids and a peaceful household, don’t we? And imagine being a calm, connected and vital mama? Yes, please!


 It can be overwhelming trying to raise healthy kids in light of the drastic rise of childhood issues like hyperactivity, learning delays, meltdowns, emotional outbursts, depression and anxiety. Challenges with social skills, communication, attention and sensory processing are now commonplace for kids.


For moms, anxiety, exhaustion and burnout are so prevalent nowadays that they are seen as almost normal.


But let’s be clear. Although these conditions may be common, neither struggling kids nor depleted moms are normal.


As moms we can turn these statistics around for our kids and ourselves. I work as your guide, bringing research and scientific strategies to the table so we can unpack solutions that work for your family. There is so much that we can do without it being another chore!


Gosh! You don’t need me to tell you that being a mom is hard work. We are all trying to do our best for our kids but with the added pressure of increased exposure to toxins through our environment and our food, reduced time in nature and moving our bodies, and overstimulation of our minds through busyness and technology, it can seem impossible to juggle everything to keep our kids and ourselves healthy. I am here to make this journey easier for you.


My intention is to help moms reduce the likelihood that their children will develop mental health disorders using nutritional, environmental and psychological strategies. But my work has a duality to it as well; these strategies are also great for creating calm, vibrant moms and a healthier planet for our kids to grow up in!  

Mothers are the key to a brighter future, to healthier children and to a happier planet.

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The Motherhood Reset

A Clinical Psychologist’s Guide to Finding Calm, Confidence and Contentment in Motherhood

Nourished Mama Roadmap 

A Clinical Psychologist’s Guide to Abundant Energy in Motherhood

Mama, Let It Go 

A Clinical Psychologist’s Guide to Finding Joy, Freedom and Ease in Motherhood


The Motherhood Reset

Become a vibrant mama & start thriving in motherhood! (Even if you’re tired, stressed and time-poor)

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Here you will find a compilation of my articles on brain health, parenting, kids’ wellness, simplicity, healthy recipes, low tox living, selfcare and sustainability. Visit the resources library HERE


There are two focuses my 1:1 work:

I work with moms to set their little ones up to be happy, healthy and resilient. 

As well, I support mothers to truly thrive in motherhood and life overall. 

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I guide moms in achieving happier and healthier lives with a particular focus on brain development in the early years. I blend nutrition and environmental medicine with mindfulness, psychology and low tox living strategies to improve little ones’ brain health and mama’s mental well-being.

My work helps to reduce the likelihood that children will develop issues such as inattention, anxiety, tantrums, sensory overload, aggression, hyperactivity, or problems socializing, learning and communicating. Don’t we all want our kids to be well-adjusted, healthy and resilient?

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We aren’t supposed to do this thing called parenting alone

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Release, Mama Mini-Journal

In this mini journal, you will identify your unique reasons for struggling with exhaustion, overwhelm, guilt or burnout. Then you will be guided in letting these go and taking effective action to create a future that makes it easier for you to thrive.

Start living motherhood on your own terms.


Stay empowered Mamas!

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