I believe that everything is intertwined, which is why when it comes to my mission to help nurture healthier brains in little ones, I work with the family unit as a whole. Supporting moms so they thrive translates to healthier kids and a happier planet in general. After all, mamas are raising the future. 



I help moms to give their children’s brains the best start in life through practical books, courses and consulting. Teaching mothers how to thrive in their many roles by integrating simplicity, clarity and non-negotiable selfcare is also an important stepping stone to better family health that I’m so passionate about.

I guide moms in achieving happier and healthier lives with a particular focus on brain development in the early years. I blend nutrition and environmental medicine with mindfulness, psychology and low tox living strategies to improve little ones’ brain health and mama’s mental well-being.

My work helps to reduce the likelihood that children will develop issues such as inattention, anxiety, tantrums, sensory overload, aggression, hyperactivity, or problems socializing, learning and communicating. Don’t we all want our kids to be well-adjusted, healthy and resilient?

I am passionate about preventing mental health disorders, brain dysfunction and behavioural issues by addressing the underlying causes in an effective and holistic way. I am also on a mission to help moms to thrive and prioritize themselves along their journey of creating optimal health for their kids.


With the birth of my first son, my interest in the effects of our environment on our health amplified. When he was born, my desire to give him the best start to life and to create a happier planet for him to inherit became a top priority. I became completely engrossed in the research surrounding the impact that our food, environment and how we live day-to-day has on our health, mental wellbeing and children.

During the first three years of raising my two boys, I struggled with postnatal depletion and complete burnout. I took on too much, had sky high expectations of myself as a mom, tried to do everything and to be everything for everyone while putting myself last on the priority list.

I crashed. I was literally depleted of critical nutrients, lacked adequate quality sleep and developed postpartum thyroiditis that completely sucked all the vitality, energy and spark out of me. Motherhood made me a different person, but not in the way I imagined. So I made the decision that I was not going to continue like this.

I put  myself back on top of my priority list. I made self-care the integral part of daily life that it must be in order for any mom to thrive. I got crystal clear on what is most important in my life. And I simplified every aspect of my life, which transformed everything. I took responsibility for my well-being and the payoff has been remarkable!

Not only do I feel vital and full of energy, but I am also calmer, more patient and more present in my life. I’m able to show up as the best version of myself in my relationships, my career and as a mom (most of the time).

I refuse to stand back and see my kids or myself become another statistic suffering from the neurological disorders, mental health problems or chronic disease that currently affect so many. So, I have dug into the research about what I can do for our lifestyle, daily habits, diet and environment to give us the best chance to thrive. I now work with moms to help them do the same. Together we can improve our brain health, nurture thriving kids and make calm, healthy moms the new norm!

Additionally, having a positive impact on the planet is also a huge driving force for me. Alongside my journey of navigating the best for my kids and the best for my own wellness, I have undergone a radical shift in our lifestyle. I’ve embraced going low tox and low waste and have discovered that by easing our burden on the planet, we simultaneously are easing the burden on our children and our own well-being too.

So much is possible for our wellness, our children’s wellness and the wellness of the world when you’re equipped with knowledge.


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In my career, I have worked as a clinical psychologist and clinical team leader, conducted academic research, written peer-reviewed articles and reviewed for academic journals, taught psychology tutorials at universities, worked as a personal fitness trainer and taught yoga and mindfulness. Now I have the most challenging of all jobs, being a mom.

I obtained my PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Wollongong after completing my Bachelor of Arts and Masters at Carleton University. My Bachelor focused on health psychology, while my Masters was in children’s social and emotional development. And my PhD concentrated on emotional intelligence and mindfulness for children and teens.

My academic research has covered several aspects of health and wellness including:

-the psychological contributors to initiating and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits
-the connection between shyness, romantic relationship quality and wellbeing
-understanding the contributing factors to children’s wellbeing
-the impact of social connectedness and loneliness on psychological health in children
-the influence of mindfulness and emotional intelligence on the relationships of adolescents

I have completed courses in nutrition at Acadia University; nutritional and environmental medicine with particular emphasis on brain health through the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine; and integrative healthcare with the MINDD Foundation.


Let’s work toward a brighter future together!

My Core Values

Wellness  Clarity  Simplicity
Kindness  Curiosity  Intuition
Nature  Connection  Mindfulness
Vitality  Play  Appreciation

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