Prioritizing your health and happiness is the greatest gift you can give your children.

Just imagine yourself as the most vibrant you for a second. How are you showing up for your little ones? You are likely playful, kind, engaged and loving, along with a host of other qualities.

Are you able to show up this way for your kids when you are unhealthy, exhausted, stressed? I certainly can’t.

I want my kids to get the best of me and I know that prioritizing myself and doing the best for my health makes this so much easier. You simply cannot give to others when you have nothing left.

And remember, our kids are always watching us. They are learning how to treat themselves and what is normal through what we do. Parenting is so much easier if we respect, prioritize and take great care of ourselves. Our actions teach them to do the same. Let’s create a new generation who are happier and healthier while working on our own health too. Pretty good, right?


Start living motherhood on your own terms.

The Books

The Motherhood Reset:

A Clinical Psychologist’s Guide to Finding Calm, Confidence and Contentment in Motherhood


In The Motherhood Reset, you will get crystal clear on what a vibrant mama is to you personally and what your values and needs are. You will begin making decisions guided by the version of you that you want to be instead of the exhausted mama you may be right now. You will start creating a life that ensures you thrive in motherhood instead of simply surviving.


Nourished Mama:

A Clinical Psychologistā€™s Guide to Abundant Energy in Motherhood


Nourished Mama ensures you prioritize your wellness in body, mind and environment. You will discover realistic ways to integrate more vitality into your life without adding more stuff, responsibilities or things to your to do list. This is where your vitality seriously blossoms. No longer will you be fighting depletion, exhaustion or moodiness. You will soon be bursting with energy and optimism instead! This book goes deep into the essentials of how to holistically nourish your body and mind in ways that will completely transform your life.



Mama, Let It Go:

A Clinical Psychologist’s Guide to Finding Joy, Freedom and Ease in Motherhood


Mama, Let It Go will help you shed anything that is holding you back from fully living motherhood on your own terms and creating a life that sets you up to thrive. You will drop limiting beliefs, unhelpful expectations and old identities. You will also let go of past hurts, busyness and trying to do everything yourself. As you release what is not serving you, you will find greater support, acceptance, connection and meaning in their place. You will feel freedom, ease and truly enjoy motherhood.


Why I wrote the Vibrant Mamas book series

I wrote this series because I know that postnatal depletion doesn’t have to be the reality for so many modern day mamas, even if it is right now. There is a better way. If this is clouding your reality, I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be part of your future.

While motherhood will always have its challenges, exhaustion and burnout are not normal, even if they are common.

My aim with these three books is to empower moms to take responsibility for their lives, prioritize their wellness and truly enjoy motherhood their own way. I want nothing more than mamas to get their spark back, be abundantly healthy and find fulfilment in their roles as moms and in every aspect of their lives. I know this is possible because I have been through it. I know you can get through it too.

Each book stands alone and can bring about massive shifts toward being more like the vibrant mama you desire to be. However, they do build upon the skills and shifts made within the previous one. You are welcome to read them in any order you prefer, but I would suggest reading The Motherhood Reset first. It will make your transition to an empowered and energetic mom as smooth and simple as possible. This book sets the groundwork for even more empowering changes to come in the second and third books in the series. 

However, please read what resonates and excited you most first. Any step forward is a positive step. There is no linear model of growth, change or abundance. Together this trilogy will support you to becoming the empowered and energetic mama you know you can be.

Putting yourself at the top of your priority list is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your family and future mamas.


Say goodbye to exhaustion, overwhelm and just surviving motherhood and start thriving instead

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