10 Tips for a Healthier Kitchen


With a few intentional changes, we can reduce the toxic burden that our babies and our own bodies are constantly under. One of the best places to start making these shifts is in the kitchen. Here are ten ways to start making positive changes you can make in your kitchen for better health:

  1. Stop using non-stick cookware and bakeware – swap to stainless steel, enamel and glass when you can
  2. Never heat your food in plastic (even if it says ‘microwave safe’)
  3. Run your tap for 30 seconds in the morning before using it for drinking or cooking (water the plants with this so you don’t waste it)
  4. Use dish soap that does not contain synthetic fragrance
  5. Ditch the industrial seed oils – canola, rice bran, ‘vegetable’, corn, safflower
  6. Wipe down fridge shelves & produce crisper with a natural cleaner
  7. Unplug any air fresheners & put down the room sprays
  8. Invest in a water filter – even if it is just a small countertop one to start
  9. Swap chemical cleaners for vinegar & bicarb soda
  10. Stop storing food in plastic – opt for glass, enamel, stainless steel or cloth alternatives

Some of these you can start immediately. Others will take time and money. Pick the most doable one and start making changes today. 



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