12 Quick, Easy & Free Steps You Can Take Today for A Healthier Home


We want the best for our little ones. One of the biggest ways we can help support them to be as healthy and happy as possible is to reduce their exposure to toxins in our homes. Yes, that’s right, in our own homes. We often think that environmental toxins are found outside of our houses, but unfortunately, our indoor spaces can have plenty of undesirable substances and even worse air quality to the air outside.

Where exactly are toxins hiding in our homes? Everywhere, unfortunately. Our houses are now full of plastics. Carpets can contain mould. We can trek pesticides in from outside. Our furniture likely has been sprayed with flame retardants. And the candles we burn can contain hormone disruptors. I don’t mention these to scare you, simply to make you aware of the importance of making your home a healthier place for you and your family. And it can be done quite easily.

Who says that creating a healthy home must be expensive and time-consuming? It doesn’t!

Here are 12 free (or nearly free) ways to reduce your toxin exposure in your home. You may actually save money from not buying any more air fresheners and fewer cleaning products.

  1. Open your windows and let in fresh air
  2. Dust with a damp cloth
  3. Vacuum
  4. Get electronics out of the bedroom - and most definitely stop sleeping with your phone under your pillow
  5. Leave outdoor shoes at the entrance
  6. Swap your cabinet full of chemical cleaning products for some white vinegar, castile soap & bicarb soda
  7. Ditch all scented, soy or petroleum-based candles – or swap them for pure beeswax ones
  8. Throw out all plug-in air ‘fresheners’ or room sprays – an essential oil diffuser is a nice alternative
  9. Turn your WIFI off at night
  10. Air out your pillows and doona (that’s a duvet for you Canadians) in the sunshine
  11. Wash your bed linens
  12. Shop at low tox stores that have already done the product vetting for you, like Biome or Nourished Life

Pick one of the above recommendations and start incorporating it into your life today. Build this habit into your everyday life. Once it is an automatic habit, come back and pick another one to incorporate.



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