Lessening Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis through Lifestyle Changes

Dr Terry Wahls went from being disabled and debilitated from multiple sclerosis to riding her bike to work, living symptom-free and helping thousands reverse their MS. Her protocol is even helping those suffering from depression, chronic fatigue, PTSD, trauma brain injury and autoimmune disorders.  

There is still many unknowns about MS but at this point we know that the immune system inappropriately attacks the central nervous system. Specifically, it attacks the myelin sheath (the fatty tissue that protects nerve cells). It seems that environmental triggers combined with a genetic susceptibility can result in this disease. And despite many thinking this diagnosis is a life sentence, Dr Wahls is helping to change that with dietary and lifestyle choices.  

Here are some components of the dietary advice Dr Wahls advocates for reversing MS and other autoimmune disorders: 

-9 servings of veggies and fruit daily
-Eliminate gluten, casein and albumin (aka wheat, dairy and eggs) 
-Eat fermented food and bone broth daily 
-Consume grass-fed or wild-caught animal or fish
-Eliminate sugar and processed foods 

Basically, Dr Wahls recommends eating nutrient-dense foods and getting rid of the rest. And she’s serious about her veggies! 

If you want to learn more about the amazing work Terry Wahls is doing, here are links to her Ted Talk, book, website and a couple great podcast interviews: 

Ted Talk: 



The Wahls Protocol 


Interview on The Doctor’s Farmacy:


Interview on Wellness Mama:




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