Vitamin Gummies

 This is a quick, easy and fun treat to make with kids. Who says that treats can’t be good for you? 

You can pack them with whatever goodness you want. I’ve been adding all sorts of goodies to support our immune systems including a homemade elderberry syrup, a vitamin C and zinc blend, probiotics, and collagen. A friend of mine even put fish oil in hers. She hated it but her two year old loved them! Obviously ensure that what you add is safe for your children to consume in the dose you are adding in. 

The recipe for gummies is: 

1 cup water (kombucha, fresh juice, blitzed fruit - whatever you like)

5 tablespoons gelatin 

Optional - Anything else you'd like to add in (Sometimes I like to add in 1 tbsp elderberry syrup, vitamin C powder, probiotics, cinnamon, turmeric, cocoa & other healthy ingredients depending on what colour or nutrients I'm going for) 

Heat up your chosen liquid on the stove until warm. Slowly whisk in the gelatin and other ingredients if adding until it is smooth and everything has dissolved. Pour into moulds and allow to set in the fridge for 30 min-2 hours. 

Note. Don't add food colouring or artificial ingredients. Natural ingredients create the most beautiful colours and flavours.

Stay empowered Mamas!

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