Welcome to the Wild + Well Podcast

Welcome to the Wild + Well Podcast!

Welcome to the Wild and Well Podcast! I’m your host, Dr. Hilary Claire, a clinical psychologist, holistic parenting mentor with a focus on nutrition and environmental medicine, yoga teacher, author, and mom of two wild boys.

In this episode, I will give you a little peak into what the podcast is all about. Let’s get into it.

Here we delve into the big and little things that move the needle for children’s health and mental wellness in a modern world that doesn’t make it easy to do so.

Since our modern day lifestyles are drastically misaligned with our DNA and how we as humans are intended to live, we have to be intentional about creating a new way of living that supports our families to thrive, our little ones to stay a bit wild and us mamas to live our best lives.

Together we can nurture resilient kids, vibrant mothers, and a brighter future for the planet and the next generation.

With knowledge, we can be empowered to take responsibility and action to do the best for our little ones and ourselves. In this podcast, we will have conversations with incredible thought leaders and health and wellness experts to address many of the ways we can help our kids be healthy, resilient and stay a little wild in a world that makes it easy to do just the opposite.

Throughout the podcast, we will cover topics including:

  • fostering optimal brain health, mental health and neurodevelopment for our little ones
  • parenting strategies for resilient, emotionally intelligent and confident kids
  • natural approaches to support our family’s health and wellbeing
  • what modern day mothers need to be vital and flourish
  • unschooling and options outside of conventional education
  • slow living
  • rewilding and bringing more nature into our daily lives
  • creating connected communities
  • treading gently on our beautiful planet as parents so future generations can enjoy the magnificence that the world has to offer
  • and many other topics that you might not find in the mainstream.

A little bit about me, your host.

I have always been very interested and involved in holistic health, low tox living and optimal wellness and caring for the planet.

I study nutrition whenever I can, including at university and through a postgraduate fellowship in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine with the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. I have worked as a yoga teacher, personal fitness trainer and group exercise class instructor. And as I mentioned at the beginning of the episode, I am a clinical psychologist and holistic parenting mentor. But my biggest job of all is being a mother to my beautiful little boys.

Some of my favourite things outside of my work are writing, reading, doing yoga, going for walks in nature, cooking and baking healthy goodies, gardening and spending time with family and friends.

My husband, kids and I live a somewhat alternative lifestyle in which we live between Canada (my husband and my birth country) and our adopted second country of Australia.

Why I started this podcast

With the birth of my first son, my interest in health and wellness amplified. My desire to give him the best start to life and to create a happier planet for him to inherit became a top priority. I became completely engrossed in the research surrounding the impact that our food, lifestyle, environment and how we live day-to-day has on our health, mental wellbeing and children. I began up-leveling my education in these areas of health.

And from this, my career changed direction. My work expanded to be much more holistic. I integrate lifestyle, nutrition, and environmental approaches along with the more traditional psychological therapies in my work.

I now work solely with mothers and their children. I also write books and create programs to reach more mothers and families outside of my 1:1 work. In my work, I am particularly passionate about preventing mental health disorders, brain dysfunction and behavioural issues by addressing the underlying causes in a holistic way. I am also on a mission to help moms to thrive and prioritize themselves along their journey of creating optimal health for their kids.

And all of this led to this podcast now being born.

I started this podcast because I know the stats on neurological, mental health and chronic health issues for our kids and us. Sorry to say, that it isn’t pretty. But I want to be a voice of hope because there really is so much we can each do to give ourselves and our families the best chance to thrive. I refuse to stand back and see my kids or myself become another statistic suffering from the neurological disorders, mental health problems or chronic diseases that currently affect so many. I don’t want that for you either!

Together we can make thriving kids and vibrant moms the new norm!

So much is possible for our wellness, our children’s wellness and the wellness of the world when you’re equipped with knowledge and community.

That’s it from me now. See you in the next episode.

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