Wild and Well

Wild and Well

Hosted by: Dr. Hilary Claire

Here we delve into the big and little things that move the needle for children’s health and mental wellness in a modern world that doesn’t make it easy to do so.

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Easy Ways to Get Your Kids Enjoying Vegetables

While there are endless fancy and expensive things we can do to support our children’s immune systems, health and behaviour, it is often the simple, daily things that matter most. Like good sleep, plenty of exercise,...
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Holistic Brain Health for Kids

This episode is a little different. The microphone has been turned around today and I am interviewed by Naturopath, Jessica Donovan. We are chatting all about how we can most optimally support our kids’ brain...
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Taking care of ourselves alongside our children with Emma the Naturopath

“To treat the child, you must treat the parent.”  Today, I am chatting with naturopath Emma Caller about how we, as mothers, can take true care of ourselves while we provide the best care we can for our little...
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Why you must prioritize yourself, mama

Mama, are you last on your priority list?  Do you make sure everyone and everything else is taken care of before you are? If you are nodding your head, you are not alone. Prioritizing ourselves as mothers is...
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Calming your kid’s nervous system with chiropractor, Dr Carrie Rigoni

 In today’s podcast, I had the honour of talking with the incredible Dr Carrie Rigoni. We chatted about how we can support our nervous system and our children’s to be healthy and regulated.  Dr Carrie Rigoni is a...
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Make better decisions for a more fulfilling life

We make so many choices in our days. Sometimes this can leave us exhausted and overwhelmed and with serious decision fatigue. And often, we make decisions that don’t support us in the long term or move us toward the...
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Building true resilience in motherhood with health writer, Jessica Lee

In this episode, I am talking to Jessica Lee. We are talking about resilience, what this and how we can foster it in ourselves and in our children. Jessica Lee is a wellbeing writer and educator. She is passionate...
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What’s Holding Modern Day Mothers Back

Unfortunately, it is all too common for mothers to struggle with extreme fatigue, anxiety, chronic health issues and postnatal depletion. There are plenty of practical, physical and societal reasons why modern day...
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Dividing the invisible load of motherhood

In this episode, we talk about a transformative way of reducing the ever-growing invisible load of mothers. The invisible load is also often referred to as the mental load. It is the burden that mothers tend to carry...
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Do this one thing to reduce sibling battles

Do this one thing to reduce sibling rivalry This is a sweet and short episode, but it is essential listening for any parent of more than one child. Do your kids compete for your attention? Do they fight with each...
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Reset your family’s circadian rhythms for calmer kids with naturopath, Jessica Louise Kay

In this episode, I am talking to the lovely Jessica Louise Kay. We are chatting all things circadian rhythms, grounding and how we can connect more with nature.  Jessica is a mentor, naturopath and mother with a...
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Welcome to the Wild + Well Podcast

Welcome to the Wild + Well Podcast! Welcome to the Wild and Well Podcast! I’m your host, Dr. Hilary Claire, a clinical psychologist, holistic parenting mentor with a focus on nutrition and environmental medicine, yoga...
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