Reset your family’s circadian rhythms for calmer kids with naturopath, Jessica Louise Kay

In this episode, I am talking to the lovely Jessica Louise Kay. We are chatting all things circadian rhythms, grounding and how we can connect more with nature. 

Jessica is a mentor, naturopath and mother with a passion in devoting her service to mothers with young children; to connect back to their spiritual truth + divine self to feel grounded, calm and connected to the simple joys of life, during the chaotic times of mothering. Jess loves to educate other mothers about circadian rhythms, spirituality, the healing power of nature, and meditation. She is also passionate about children’s health. 

Jessica and I chatted about:

  • What are circadian rhythms?
  • How Jessica’s interest in circadian rhythms was sparked
  • Syncing your circadian rhythm
  • Identifying if your circadian rhythm is out of sync
  • How circadian rhythms are linked to mitochondrial function 
  • The benefits of watching the morning sunrise
  • Melatonin production and release
  • Sunlight exposure and sun responsibility
  • Why Jessica stopped wearing sunglasses
  • The benefits of grounding and connecting to the Earth
  • Natural vs. artificial lighting in your home  


Episode Links:

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Podcast episode that first sparked Jess’s interest in Circadian Rhythms:

And another follow-up podcast that Jess found even better and more relatable
(without all the science):

D Minder App: 

The Earthing Move – The Remarkable Science of Grounding documentary

Iris App – Blue Light Filter: 


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