Dividing the invisible load of motherhood

In this episode, we talk about a transformative way of reducing the ever-growing invisible load of mothers.

The invisible load is also often referred to as the mental load. It is the burden that mothers tend to carry most of. It includes everything from scheduling doctor’s appointments to meal planning to cleaning up the house to considering what school to send the kids to all the admin tasks…pretty much everything, including the kitchen sink.

Here are a few questions to consider while listening to this episode:

  • Who does the majority of the admin, childrearing and household tasks in your family?
  • Are you happy about how these tasks are divided up?
  • Which tasks would you be happy to relinquish the responsibility of?

In this episode, I cover:

  • What the invisible load is
  • Why delegating isn’t the solution to reduce the mental burden of this invisible load for mothers
  • A simple strategy to effectively let go of tasks, not have to nag and have more mental space for other more important things
  • Examples of how I have put this to use in my own family

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