What’s Holding Modern Day Mothers Back

Unfortunately, it is all too common for mothers to struggle with extreme fatigue, anxiety, chronic health issues and postnatal depletion. There are plenty of practical, physical and societal reasons why modern day moms are having such a challenging time.

In this solo episode, I discuss several of these. If this topic is especially relevant to you, you may want to check out my book, The Motherhood Reset, as this is a topic we delve into deeply there.

In this episode, I cover:

  • Stats on how common it is for modern day mothers to struggle with physical and mental health issues
  • Physical, practical and societal reasons for mothers today having such a challenging time in the first few years of motherhood
  • How what we eat impacts whether we flourish or struggle in motherhood
  • The impact of our microbiome, birth trauma, the medicines we take and exposure to environmental toxins on how well we do postpartum
  • That all mothers need more support
  • The problem with how adult-centric our modern day lives are and the unrealistic expectations that so many of us have going into motherhood
  • Perfect doesn’t exist in motherhood
  • The extra challenge in motherhood when we draw our self-worth from being productive
  • Society often forgets about mom once the baby is born
  • The unhelpful stereotypes of what a good mom is that our culture has created for us
  • The perfect mom myth
  • Doable steps that we can take to reduce the burden on our bodies and brains so we can more easily thrive in motherhood

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