Building true resilience in motherhood with health writer, Jessica Lee

In this episode, I am talking to Jessica Lee. We are talking about resilience, what this and how we can foster it in ourselves and in our children.

Jessica Lee is a wellbeing writer and educator. She is passionate about neuroscience-based strategies for building resilience, lowering stress and increasing health, happiness and creativity.

She is a regular contributing writer to Wellbeing magazine and her book, Wired to Thrive will be available soon. This book is a practical guide to help people navigate change, build resilience, work smarter, prevent burnout and live with purpose.

Jessica and I chat about:

  • All about Jessica‚Äôs new book ‚ÄėWired To Thrive‚Äô
  • Her personal challenges with chronic illness
  • Strengthening your resilience throughout parenthood
  • Finding solutions in order to meet your needs
  • Understanding the neuroscience involved in feeling emotions
  • How to adopt a solution-focused mindset
  • Visualisation techniques to aid in confidence and decision making
  • Supporting our children to become more resilient
  • Bringing gratitude into our daily life

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